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Questioning History 15-18 December 2022


We are living in extraordinary times with many awake people thirsting for knowledge but faced with a number of constraints.  These are both social (for example, difficulties in finding like-minded people to exchange views with) and also practical (for example, library facilities are less available than previously) and this makes it challenging to explore new ways of thinking.  

So, the good news is that we are offering a sixth event in December 2022.  This is set in Sussex  in a beautiful period property not far from Battle station.   This is an atmospheric environment with good food and good Seasonal cheer for what is the darkest period of the year.  There are Christmas lights indoors and invigorating strolls can be enjoyed around the nearby lake.  

The event is residential and the conference cost includes accommodation, all talks, meals and refreshments .   The conference is packed with exciting presentations and if you want more time to chat, and enjoy the lovely venue, you can arrive the day before the conference, and enjoy a full day chatting with other stimulating people and enjoying the surroundings and fine grounds until the conference the next day at 4.30pm.  For full details, please email: [email protected]

Join like-minded people   

Many people said how refreshing (and a sanity check!) it is to meet wide awake people from all parts of the UK (and overseas when travel is back to normal).   It is also life-affirming to be able to re-connect with old friends who may live a distance away  The atmosphere is relaxed and informal and conducive to stimulating chats!  


You can also buy signed books from authors, making excellent seasonal presents!

All diets 

Note that all diets are catered for including vegetarian, vegan and standard diets.


We work hard to keep prices as reasonable as possible, and increase them only when the venues do.  You can find details of the prices in the 'Contact / booking' section of the website.  Remember that day tickets are available if you only want to attend for part of the event  but, given the social element, we would encourage you to stay for the full conference.  

Dinner on the Saturday

We always have a celebratory dinner on Saturday, and offer the option to wear glad rags on Saturday evening.  So, maybe bring something to wear with a bit of sparkle even if it is just a piece of seasonal tinsle!    


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the weekend or want details on how to make payment (the bank details can be found on the 'Contact' page).  We'd love to hear from you so do contact us via:  
Email:  [email protected]  and/or mobile:   077 7 1535 087 

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Author of the books ‘Musical Truth’ Volumes 1 and 2 that document the dark side of the music industry, Mark will present two talks on the dark underbelly of the music industry.   

John Hamer spent most of his working life as a corporate slave to the IT industry, before ‘seeing the light’ and finally escaping from the dreary, soul-destroying confines of the corporatocracy almost twenty years ago.

Since then he has been a full-time professional, geo-political researcher and author, having written and published five books to date. His first, The Falsification of History was, and continues to be, a great success and established his reputation as a writer of ‘real’ history, as opposed to the usual lies people are fed by the corporate media (see

He ha since written the Falsification of Science which has  been an enormous success.



Gloria Moss spent her career in industry in People Management, organising Training for large companies.   She was also excited about the way that training could change minds and, like water to a plant, be the spur to personal development.

She had many questions bubbling up in her mind so spent the next 16 years as a full-time academic, becoming a Research Professor in 2013-2019.  By that point, lines of inquiry that she wanted to pursue were best followed away from the existing academic system and Questioning History and Questioning Science were born. This encourages the free exchange of ideas and information, both within the conference room and in the meal time and social breaks.  This allows mental batteries to be recharge over the space of a long weekend!