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Learning with 'awake' people


We are a unique organisation offering short breaks in which you can learn in the company of awake and aware people, all in beautiful settings.  Our courses cover a range of topics focused on History and what this really tells us about our past.   Take a look at our upcoming courses and get in touch with us about those that interest you.   Over the course of the next 12 months, our exciting courses include:

DECEMBER 17-19 2021:  'Questioning History':  Voltaire famously said that 'History is the lie commonly agreed upon'  and we cast a critical eye over period of history to reveal hidden truths about ancient, medieval, modern and post-modern periods.  This is the third of such events, following a very successful weekend in December 2020 so do email us at: [email protected]  to receive a detailed programme.  The event is taking place in a beautiful venue in West Sussex, set in expansive and attractive grounds.

JULY 2022'Questioning Science'.  We will be running our second 'Questioning Science' event, going further down the rabbit hole of the information offered to us.   Our focus, as with the last event, will be on the physical sciences as well as the Social Sciences and spiritual sciences.   Please do write to us at: [email protected] since we will be sending out details of the event to individuals only.


There is an important social aspect to 'Learning Holidays' events. We present new and exciting information and so tend to attract people who thirst for new knowledge. This facilitates encounters with like-minded people.


Instead of holidaying on a beach and imbibing information from a guide book, you can mingle with like-minded people and discuss important topics in pleasant locations. You can also gain life-changing skills.


For details on booking an event, go to the 'Contact and Booking' page and contact us via the email:  [email protected] or phone or text us on:  + 44 (0) 777 1535 087.  We look forward to welcoming you to one of our stimulating events!